KLEY-LIGHT vom 30. November 2018 bis 10. März 2019 in der Galerie Kley

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Lightbox, Light my fire, 2018

Lightbox, Light my fire, 2018

Lightbox, unbeleuchtet, Love me tender, 2018

Lightbox, beleuchtet, Love me tender, 2018

Lightbox, Light my fire, 2018

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I Iove you, 2018 Where is Mr. Peace, 2017 Where is oor liberty?, 2018 We send our dreams to the universe, 2018 Does Beauty make happy, 2017  Heart with flowers, 2017 Floral star and Marilyn, 2017 New York Flowers 47, 40 x 40 cm Transparency, Flowers, Long Island summer, N.Y., 1a, 2015, pigment colors on photofilm, 50 x 50 cm.jpg  Impression 1, 2018, acrylic on canvas, 120 x 100 cm cm Transparency,  Fragments, Flowers 3, 2018 Love and Passion 1, in the underground, 2017 Transparency, Two Girls, 2018  Lightbox, In Love,  Couple on red, 2018  Example, Lightbox, Oh Boy, 2018 Tranparency, Window 23, three parts, 2018 Transparency, Window and Nature 8b, 2018.jpg Transparency, Window 27, three parts, 2018

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